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Something I Got to Tell You
by The Honeycombs, feat. Honey Lantree, lead vocals/drums
Honey Lantree (1943 to 2018) was an English drummer and singer, with 'The Honeycombs'. Honey Lantree was born Ann Margot Lantree in Hayes, Middlesex, England, on August 28th 1943. She was working in a London hair salon managed by Martin Murray when the latter decided to form a 'rock and roll' group in 1963, featuring her older brother John Lantree on bass guitar. Having played drums previously, she took to that spot in the band naturally, and her presence seemed to give them a visual edge over almost all of the competition at that time. 'The Honeycombs', as they were later christened, were signed up professionally by songwriters Ken Howard and Alan Blaikley shortly after completing a three-night-a-week gig at an East End pub. They hit the No. 1 spot in early 1964 with "Have I the Right?", ably produced by the renowned Joe Meek, and with that international hit to her credit Lantree became the most well-known female drummer in the world, also thanks to the concert, film and television appearances which followed. She soon proved her worth as a singer too by sharing the lead vocal spot on one of their follow-up hits, "That's the Way", and their second album, "All Systems Go", then featured her singing a soulful pop ballad called "Something I Got to Tell You" (today's selection). A little later in the group's history, their managers decided to move her to centre stage, with ex-'The Pretty Things' member Viv Prince becoming their touring drummer. However, her fortunes soon declined, along with those of the group, when they lost most of their audience as music moved on in the late 1960s and popular styles changed. The group ended up playing in cabaret during their final phase, and they seemed quaintly archaic by the time they split in 1967 following Meek's suicide. However, an early 1980s revival of interest in the "British Invasion" led to a rediscovery of music by 'The Honeycombs', and Lantree was soon revered by a whole new generation of young listeners, being seen retrospectively as an inspiration for women in 'rock'. There were later issued various CD compilations of the band's work but, even though latterly seen as a trailblazer in music, she declined to take part in various revived versions of the group. Honey Lantree died in Great Bardfield, Essex, on December 23rd 2018, aged 75.
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Hundreds of very talented musicians pass away each year, some without much recognition at all. On "Rest In Peace", I aim to give them a fitting 'send-off', with a decent Tribute. I hope you will join me in marking their passing.....
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