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Rollin' and Tumblin' (live)
by Canned Heat, feat. Larry Taylor, bass
Larry Taylor (1942 to 2019) was an American bassist, with 'Canned Heat'. Samuel Lawrence Taylor was born in New York City, USA, on June 26th 1942. Born to a Jewish mother and a Protestant father, his first musical experience was playing bass guitar in a pop group called 'The Gamblers' (one of the first bands in the US to play 'instrumental surf' music). Their personnel also included Elliot Ingber (a future collaborator with Frank Zappa and Captain Beefheart) and Bruce Johnston (later one of 'The Beach Boys'), as well as his own brother Mel plus guitarist/songwriter and band leader Derry Weaver. The group's most successful recording with him was "Moon Dawg", a local hit in the Los Angeles area. He was much-renowned for playing with the 'rock' group 'Canned Heat' from 1967 to 1970, and appeared with them at various festivals including the Monterey International Pop Festival and Woodstock. Inexplicably nicknamed 'The Mole', he also played lead guitar on occasion as well as bass (an example can be heard on the track "Down In the Gutter, But Free", from the album "Hallelujah"). In 1970, when John Mayall moved to Los Angeles, he and fellow guitarist Harvey Mandel quit 'Canned Heat' to join him in the 'Bluesbreakers'. Following a period of touring with the 'Bluesbreakers', he then played briefly with the 'Sugarcane Harris Band' (later renamed 'Pure Food and Drug Act'). He became part of 'The Hollywood Fats Band' in 1974, led by Mike 'Hollywood Fats' Mann, following which the pair of them joined 'Canned Heat' for a "King Biscuit Flower Hour" concert in 1979. He featured on the recording of the 'Canned Heat' album "Reheated" in 1988, and continued to tour and record with them a few more times until 1999. In 2007, Taylor, Mandel and Fito de la Parra reunited with the rest of the newer 'Canned Heat' line-up to perform in certain shows (the three had all been in the line-up that played the historic Woodstock festival) and then toured extensively from 2009 to 2013. A leading exponent and practitioner of the acoustic upright bass (in the contemporary 'blues' scene), he could be seen with it in the 'live' 'blues film' "Lightning in a Bottle", and was also featured in a concert DVD (released in 2013) from the Floyd Dixon album "Time Brings About A Change" (it had been filmed seven years earlier at the Rhythm Room in Phoenix). He then recorded and toured with Tom Waits on numerous occasions, and was nominated for a "Blues Music Award" in 2014, in the 'Best Instrumentalist - Bass' category. Larry Taylor died from cancer in Lake Balboa, California, on August 19th 2019, aged 77.
Posted: 20th September 2019
Hundreds of very talented musicians pass away each year, some without much recognition at all. On "Rest In Peace", I aim to give them a fitting 'send-off', with a decent Tribute. I hope you will join me in marking their passing.....
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