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Coming Home
by John Bassman Group, feat. John Theunissen, banjo/guitar
CATCH-UP: John Theunissen (1949 to 2015) was a Dutch guitarist, with 'Pussycat'. John Theunissen was born in Limburg, Netherlands, in 1949. In 1964, he helped form the 'psychedelic rock' band the 'John Bassman Group' (featured in this video), playing guitars and banjo alongside Diana Leemhuis (vocals), Peter Blom (vocals, harmonica), Theo Wetzels (bass) and John Snyders (drums, percussion). Hailing from Landgraaf, they issued their only album, "Filthy Sky", in 1970 (from which this selection is taken), and released just one single (called "Dutch") in the same year, which was a track from the album. When that band broke up due to minimal success, he joined the three Kowalczyk sisters, Toni, Betty and Marianne, in forming the pop group 'Pussycat', which also featured his former bandmate Wetzels on bass, and included Lou Wille and Theo Coumans. (Theunissen, Wetzels and Coumans had also all belonged to a short-lived outfit called 'Scum'.) Originally called 'Sweet Reaction', they scored a massive European hit in 1975 under their new name with the song "Mississippi". However, they had to wait a further year for the record to make the UK Singles charts, where it climbed to No. 1 in October 1976. Penned by Werner Theunissen (no relation), it is estimated that the single sold over five million copies worldwide. It was later followed by "Smile" in 1976, and "Hey Joe" in 1978. Other hits included "If You Ever Come to Amsterdam", "Georgie", "Wet Day in September" and "My Broken Souvenirs". Their career in Europe spanned more than a decade, and featured some seventeen albums. By 1978, Hans Lutjens had replaced Coumans on drums, as the band continued to release albums and tour, travelling as far afield as South Africa. Theunissen remained with the group until very recently, when health issues forced him to take a break. John Theunissen died in Holland on November 19th 2015, aged 66. [ Translated from: ]
1949 - 2015 - Netherlands
Posted: 11th December 2015
Hundreds of very talented musicians pass away each year, some without much recognition at all. On "Rest In Peace", I aim to give them a fitting 'send-off', with a decent Tribute. I hope you will join me in marking their passing.....
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