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A Guapachar
by Lucho Macedo
Lucho Macedo (1930 to 2017) was a Peruvian pianist, composer and bandleader. Luis Young Agüero was born in Lima, Peru, on February 18th 1930. His father, Don Luis Young, was the founder in 1933 of the 'Orquesta Young Macedo'. Having studied the drums and the violin from the age of 10, when the younger man left school he decided to try to become an architect, but the exciting nature of the 1950s Peruvian music scene changed his mind, and so he practised hard to master the piano from that point. He first joined the orchestra of the Argentine bandleader Freddy Rolland ('Panchito y sus Melódicos') while they held a residency at the Restaurant La Cabaña. In 1955, he travelled to Ecuador with the orchestra led by Cuban musician Rubén Menéndez, but after about a month decided to leave to create his own ensemble (also changing his professional name to 'Lucho Macedo'). With himself on piano, 'La Sonora de Lucho Macedo' first featured the musicians Humberto Salas (trumpet), Chiquito Macedo (vocalist), Miguel Querevalú (trumpet), Joe Di Roma (bass), Hugo Macedo (timbales) and Fernando Navarro (congas). Among many extremely popular songs recorded by them was "La Boa", "No, No, No", "Margot", "Dame Bururú", "No Vuelvo", "El Mujeriego", "Compay Lobo", "La Bambaita", "Yo no Bailo con Juana", "El Manotón" and "Cara Sucia", plus others. They secured a residency at the El Tumi Restaurant in 1971, and other notable musical names who would pass through the orchestra over the years included Carlos Hayre, Coco Lagos, his own son Ricardo, Emilio Chulli, Tomás Rebata, Tito Chicoma, Mocho Bustamante and the singers Manolo Castro, Johnny Arce and Rosita Negreiros. In 1987, Macedo joined Castro as a member of the orchestra led by Johnny Pacheco, alternating on piano with Joe Quijano. Lucho Macedo died at his home in the San Isidro District of Lima on March 2nd 2017, aged 87. [ Translated from: ]
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Posted: 4th April 2017
Hundreds of very talented musicians pass away each year, some without much recognition at all. On "Rest In Peace", I aim to give them a fitting 'send-off', with a decent Tribute. I hope you will join me in marking their passing.....
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