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Detroit 442
by Sin Alley, feat. Martine Van Hoof, lead vocals
Martine Van Hoof (c.1970 to 2019) was a Belgian pop singer, with 'AngeliCo'. Martine Van Hoof was born in about 1970 in Antwerp, Belgium. After early work with 'Tiny Tinne & The Texas Jumpers' from 1992, she and Ruben Block formed 'AngeliCo' in 1999, recruiting Axl Peleman and Mario Goossens to their ranks, but lasting only about two years until 2001. In between times, she and Block had failed to make it with a 'rockabilly' band called 'Sin Alley', and intended to develop a more 'country'-tinged style with 'AngeliCo' bassist Peleman (who had just left the band 'Ashbury Faith') and drummer Goossens (ex 'Noordkaap'). Instead, the resulting sound was compared by many to that of superstars 'Garbage', though Van Hoof always flatly denied this similarity. Their first single, "Good About You", was a "cover" of a forgotten song by the 'Beach Boys'/'Mamas and Papas' daughters' band 'Wilson Philips'. It was a great success for them, and they even became the "people's choice" at the Beachrock festival around that time. After their second single was released (called "Wrong Side of Right"), they decided to record an album - 'Universal Music' released "No Rest For The Wicked" after a successful summer tour by them in October of 2000, with the songs on the album being written largely by herself and Block. Unfortunately though, after the "Wrong Side of Right" single, Goossens left the band to tour instead with 'Hooverphonic'. Van Hoof and Block then replaced him with another short-lived drummer, Michael Schack. Peleman capped a long period of not wanting to get too involved with them by starting his own project 'Camden', and also playing with his musician friend Luc De Vos in a group called 'Automatic Buffalo'. 'Sin Alley' had died out in a similar way in 1996, following the release of their final single, "Detroit 442" (featured here). After she and Block separated romantically and musically, he went on to appear with a band named 'Trigger Finger' (alongside Goossens and Wladimir Geels). Martine Van Hoof died in Antwerp on August 7th 2019, aged 48. No cause of death was given. [ Translated from: ]
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Posted: 10th September 2019
Hundreds of very talented musicians pass away each year, some without much recognition at all. On "Rest In Peace", I aim to give them a fitting 'send-off', with a decent Tribute. I hope you will join me in marking their passing.....
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