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Cage: Cheap Imitation - Freeman Etudes, No. I
by violinist Paul Zukofsky
Paul Zukofsky (1943 to 2017) was an American violinist and conductor. Paul Zukofsky was born on October 22nd 1943 in Brooklyn, New York, USA, the son of 'American Objectivist' poet Louis Zukofsky. Of Lithuanian Jewish heritage originally, his mother Celia was also a musician and composer. Heralded early on as a "child prodigy", he made his public debut at the age of nine playing the first movement of Mozart's "Violin Concerto No. 3", and gave his first recital at Carnegie Hall when just 13 years old. He was widely noted as being very calm and assured in the face of performance pressures at that age, though a New York Times reviewer once praised his technique, but perceived "little emotion" in his playing. He went on to study violin with Ivan Galamian at the Juilliard School of Music, winning the Young Concert Artists International Auditions in 1965. Zukofsky specialized in contemporary music, focussing on the works of such 20th-century composers as Milton Babbitt, Arthur Berger, Easley Blackwood, Henry Brant, John Cage, Elliott Carter, George Crumb, Morton Feldman, Philip Glass, Peter Mennin, Krzysztof Penderecki, Walter Piston, J K Randall, Wallingford Riegger, Giacinto Scelsi, Artur Schnabel, Roger Sessions, Ralph Shapey, Harvey Sollberger, Stefan Wolpe, Charles Wuorinen and Iannis Xenakis. He musically portrayed the character of 'Albert Einstein' in the 1976 recording of Glass' opera "Einstein On the Beach", and gave the premiere of the same composer's "Violin Concerto" after its launch in 1987. He was further honoured to have composer John Cage dedicate his "Freeman Etudes - Books I and II" to him, and performs a sample of the work here. Zukofsky released most of his own recordings on the 'Sony', 'Camerata', 'CRI', and 'CP2' labels, but also recorded on and ran his own imprint, called 'Musical Observations, Inc.'. He was head of the Arnold Schoenberg Institute at the University of Southern California, Los Angeles, from 1992 to 1996, after which he was involved in the relocation of the composer's archive from the University of Southern California to the Arnold Schönberg Center in Vienna, Austria, in 1998, where it remains to this day. Paul Zukofsky died from non-Hodgkin lymphoma in Hong Kong on June 6th 2017, aged 73.
Posted: 9th July 2017
Hundreds of very talented musicians pass away each year, some without much recognition at all. On "Rest In Peace", I aim to give them a fitting 'send-off', with a decent Tribute. I hope you will join me in marking their passing.....
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