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Rose, Rose, I Love You
by Yao Lee, with orchestral accompaniment
Yao Lee (1922 to 2019) was a Chinese singer and record producer. Yao Lee (aka Yao Li, Yiu Lei or Hue Lee) was born Yiu Sau Wan in Shanghai, China, on September 3rd 1922, and raised there. She began performing on the radio in 1935 at the age of 13, and a year later recorded her first single (with Yan Hua) called "Xin Xiao Fang Niu". Hua and fellow singer Zhou Xuan then got her signed to 'Pathe Records' when she was just 16 in 1937, and her first solo record with them was called "Mai Xiang Si". During her performance career, she was considered to be one of the "Seven Great Singing Stars of Shanghai" prominent in the 1940s, with her outstandingly popular 1940 version of "Rose, Rose, I Love You" ("Meigui meigui wo ai ni") going on to define her craft. However, after marrying Wong Po Lo in 1947, Yao withdrew from stage performance to devote time to her family. Also, following the Communist seizure of power in China in 1949, popular music was suddenly considered ideologically suspect, so she fled to Hong Kong in 1950 (luckily, she was able to then resurrect her singing career with 'Pathe Records HK', part of 'EMI'). As well as releasing new hit records (beginning in 1955 with songs in the film "Taohua Jiang"), she also became the "dubbed-in" voice for many "singing" Chinese movie actresses, with many of those featured songs becoming very popular. Sadly, Yao stepped down once more from her singing career in 1967 after the death of her brother Yao Min (another famous singer, and also a songwriter). Instead, in 1969 she accepted an offer to become a record producer at 'EMI Music Hong Kong', and in 1970 travelled to Taiwan to try to sign Teresa Teng to 'EMI' for the Hong Kong market, but was unsuccessful. She went on to produce many records for various other artists during her time as a producer, and retired from this position in 1977. Yao Lee became hospitalized in a Hong Kong medical facility after developing a fever, and passed away on July 19th 2019 at the age of 96.
Posted: 14th August 2019
Hundreds of very talented musicians pass away each year, some without much recognition at all. On "Rest In Peace", I aim to give them a fitting 'send-off', with a decent Tribute. I hope you will join me in marking their passing.....
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