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by Atlanta Rhythm Section, feat. guitarist/songwriter J R Cobb
FAST-TRACK: J R Cobb (1944 to 2019) was an American musician, with 'Atlanta Rhythm Section'. James Barney Cobb Junior was born on February 5th 1944 in Birmingham, Alabama, USA, though his family later moved to Jacksonville, Florida. In 1953, at the age of nine, he and his two siblings were placed in the Baptist Children's Home, Jacksonville, after his father left the family and his mother needed assistance. He would be quoted as saying that the experience provided him with a strong work ethic, and he remained in that home until he was 16 when he graduated from Paxon High School in the city. (One of his fellow graduates was the drummer Robert Nix, who would later join him in the 'Atlanta Rhythm Section'.) Following this, Cobb initially became a welder - while there, his co-workers had started a band called 'The Emeralds', and he was invited to join them as a guitarist. They soon evolved into 'The Classics' (later 'The Classics IV', with lead singer Dennis Yost), and after being "discovered" by Paul Cochran (an associate of Atlanta music publisher Bill Lowery) were invited to travel to Atlanta to record for him. Lowery became the band's adviser, and it was at his first recording session there that he met producer/songwriter (and former manager of Roy Orbison) Buddy Buie. The two soon developed a songwriting partnership, penning a number of their songs in a trailer owned by the producer's uncle near Lake Eufaula (bordering Georgia and Alabama). Cobb and Buie would fish during the day and write at night, with their first hit being the song "I Take It Back" (recorded by Sandy Posey). They then added lyrics to a local 'jazz' song they'd heard - this became the featured hit "Spooky" (for 'The Classics IV', not today's version by the 'ARS'), and they ended up co-writing most of the hits achieved by 'Dennis Yost & the Classics IV'. When he subsequently became the guitarist and songwriter for the 'Atlanta Rhythm Section', he was probably most notable for co-writing "Champagne Jam" and "Do It Or Die", among others. Before this happened, he took on a stint as a session guitarist in Doraville, Georgia (at 'Studio One'), as part of a backing band who played behind both 'The Classics IV' and 'The Candymen' (the latter were the backing band for Roy Orbison). The group evolved to become the 'Atlanta Rhythm Section' (named by publisher Lowery), and commenced their recording careers in that name from 1972. However, he decided to leave the group in 1987 to concentrate more on songwriting, as well as to work on other projects with Chips Moman, who he had first met at the 'American Sound Studio' in Memphis (founded in 1967 but dissolved in 1972 at which point Moman had moved to Nashville). Cobb at first joined him as a session guitarist and song reviewer, but developed his involvement deeper as time went on. He was inducted into the "Georgia Music Hall of Fame" in 1993 and into the "Alabama Music Hall of Fame" in 1997 (he received the 'Music Creator's Award' from the latter organisation). He and his family subsequently moved to Jasper County, Georgia, where they resided for more than thirty years. J R Cobb died from a heart attack at his home near Monticello on May 4th 2019, aged 75.
Posted: 6th May 2019
Hundreds of very talented musicians pass away each year, some without much recognition at all. On "Rest In Peace ✚", I aim to give them a fitting 'send-off', with a decent Tribute. I hope you will join me in marking their passing.....
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