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I Love U So
by Cassius, feat. Philippe Zdar
Philippe Zdar (1967 to 2019) was a French electronic musician, with 'Cassius', and record producer. Philippe Zdar was born Philippe Cerboneschi in Savoie, France, on January 27th 1967, into a family with Italian origins. Although he spent the majority of his childhood living with his father, mother and siblings in Savoie, he later moved to Paris to complete his graduation from university there. Using the surname 'Zdar', he and Hubert Blanc-Francard (or 'Boom Bass') began working together in the late-1980s and formed their first outfit, 'La Funk Mob', in 1991. In 1996, the duo released their first song "Foxxy", but this time using the name 'Cassius' - this in turn led directly to 'remix' projects with artists such as 'Air'. In the same year, he also continued to hone his sound in collaboration with Etienne de Crecy as the duo 'Motorbass' (however, that pairing released just one album, called "Pansoul"). In January 1999, Zdar and 'Boom Bass' notched their first mainstream hit with "Cassius 1999", a Top 10 song in the UK and also very popular on the US Dance charts. Their debut album "1999" arrived that same year (appropriately), and included other club favourites including "Feeling for You" and "La Mouche". Their second LP, "Au Reve", arrived in 2002 just as the French 'house' scene was beginning to give way to other movements. The album included the track "Thrilla", which featured 'Wu-Tang Clan' member 'Ghostface Killah', while their "The Sound of Violence" cut was vocally-led by the British 'house' singer Steve Edwards - that song became the duo's first and only song to top the US Dance charts. After releasing 2006's "15 Again", they disappeared from the studio until a decade later when they issued the album "Ibifornia" ('Beastie Boys' 'Mike D' and 'Cat Power' featured on the track "Action", with the latter also appearing on "Feel Like Me" and "Go Up" - Zdar had previously worked with 'Cat Power' on her 2012 "Sun" album). He also co-owned a Paris recording studio with de Crecy called 'Motorbass', and during the ten year 'Cassius' hiatus had worked as a producer, engineer and mixer on a number of other projects, including "Fancy Footwork" ('Chromeo'), "Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix" ('Phoenix') and "In the Grace of Your Love" ('The Rapture'). However, 'Cassius' had recently returned again to unveil a new single called "Don't Let Me Be" (featuring 'Owlle') - the track is thought to be included on a forthcoming album tentatively named "Dreems", but the exact release date for this LP is uncertain due to the circumstances of the deceased. Philippe Zdar died due to an apparently accidental fall from a window at his 19-storey Paris home on June 19th 2019. He was 50, and leaves his second wife Dyane de Serigny and their daughter, plus another daughter from his first marriage.
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Posted: 21st July 2019
Hundreds of very talented musicians pass away each year, some without much recognition at all. On "Rest In Peace ✚", I aim to give them a fitting 'send-off', with a decent Tribute. I hope you will join me in marking their passing.....
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