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by Dex Romweber Duo, feat. Sara Romweber, drums
Sara Romweber (1964 to 2019) was an American 'rock' drummer, with 'Let's Active'. Sara Teresa Romweber was born on February 13th 1964 in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, USA. The Winston-Salem (North Carolina) 'rock' group 'Let's Active' was first formed in 1981 by guitarist, songwriter and record producer Mitch Easter, intially with Faye Hunter on bass. As just a 17-year-old, she joined them as their drummer to form a trio just two weeks before their first live performance. (The unusual name of the group was taken from the logo on a T-shirt being sold in Japan, which merely bore an inadvertently nonsensical English phrase.) They played their first gig in November 1981 opening for 'R.E.M.', whose first EP, "Chronic Town", was later produced by Easter. The band signed to 'I.R.S. Records' in 1983, shortly after filming the video for their number called "Every Word Means No". They were then guests on the label's 'MTV' television programme called "I.R.S. Records Presents: The Cutting Edge". The "cheap video" was based on the band's concept of having dogs running through the set - however, that was thought to be potentially too chaotic, so instead they used puppies. The original trio then released the 6-song "Afoot" EP in 1983, with Lynn Blakey (later of 'Tres Chicas') joining them to tour for much of that year. However, after the band released the full-length album "Cypress" in 1984 and undertook a UK tour, Romweber suddenly quit the band, with romantic couple Hunter and Easter splitting up shortly after that. She then founded the band 'Snatches of Pink', and in 2007 joined her brother Dexter (formerly of the 'Flat Duo Jets') to record and perform as the 'Dex Romweber Duo'. After Hunter had committed suicide in 2013, Easter and Romweber reunited 'Let's Active' for a cancer benefit performance, after which former 'Game Theory' member Suzi Ziegler was invited to join them as bassist (Easter had previously worked with Ziegler on the 'Game Theory' album "The Big Shot Chronicles"). This trio, supported by keyboard player Missy Thangs (of the 'Love Language') and the aforementioned Blakey as vocalist, performed a set which included "Every Word Means No" and "Edge of the World". Sara Romweber died from a brain tumour in Mebane, North Carolina, on March 4th 2019, aged 55.
Posted: 6th April 2019
Hundreds of very talented musicians pass away each year, some without much recognition at all. On "Rest In Peace ✚", I aim to give them a fitting 'send-off', with a decent Tribute. I hope you will join me in marking their passing.....
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