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Jordisk Kaerlighed
by Master Fatman
Master Fatman (1965 to 2019) was a Danish musician, writer and actor. Master Fatman was born Morten Lindberg in Munkebo, Funen, Denmark, on September 23rd 1965. He had been involved with underground performance art and entertainment during his years as a youth and young adult. Although a naturally large-bodied person, his stage name 'Master Fatman' only developed after a performance in March 1987, though he did occasionally use other stage names and alter egos. He had a very broad range of interests, such as magazine writing, publishing and editing, theatre, film, TV, radio and music, and usually involving a good deal of humour and subtle irony. In the early 1990s, Master Fatman took up an interest in acting and film-making, and among his first engagements was the low budget short film "Gayniggers from Outer Space", which later obtained a cult status but was widely frowned upon. However, this was the first and only time he experimented in film directing, though he continued his interest in that direction by taking acting roles and writing screenplays. In 1993, after travelling in India, he started the political party Det Kosmiske Parti (The Cosmic Party) and the following year stood in the Copenhagen municipal elections. He did this in the guise of a completely fictitious "guru" called 'Tykmesteren' (it was merely another stage name of his, and after he failed to get elected he still kept evolving the "cosmic guru" character). Throughout the later half of the 1990s and the early millennium, he edited and wrote for the underground magazine Magasin Schafer, along with fellow Danes Martin Kongstad and Henrik List. In all, as a creative and diverse media personality, Master Fatman had become a comedian, performer, disc jockey, host, musician, singer, film-maker, actor and benefactor. In 2010, he married Herminia Mabunda from Mozambique and took her surname for his middle name (they had five children together, and owned a second property in her home country). In 2006, he competed in the third season of the 'TV2' contest "Vild med Dans" (the Danish version of "Dancing with the Stars"). He travelled the world taking in different cultures, and developed particularly strong ties to France, India, Brazil, Mozambique and Africa in general. He lived in Brazil for extended periods, setting up and sponsoring orphanages and humanitarian child care projects there, among other activities. As a musician, Master Fatman took part in numerous projects with a variety of bands, both as an instrumentalist and a singer. These included 'Master Fatman and his Freedom Fighters', 'Master Fatman Guru Orchestra', 'Lindberg Hemmer Foundation', 'Nature TM' and 'Per Kristensen Band' - he also ran his own 'jazz' programme for several years on the 'DR' radio station, and was a frequent host at various Danish 'jazz' events and shows. Although food had always been blamed for his large frame, he had been a vegetarian since his early twenties, and hosted several food and healthy cooking TV programmes on 'DR-TV'. Master Fatman died suddenly and unexpectedly in Norrebro on March 26th 2019, aged 53. [ Translated from: ]
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Posted: 29th April 2019
Hundreds of very talented musicians pass away each year, some without much recognition at all. On "Rest In Peace ✚", I aim to give them a fitting 'send-off', with a decent Tribute. I hope you will join me in marking their passing.....
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