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Keep Yourself Alive (instrumental)
by way of tribute to Mike Grose, Queen bassist (1970 only)
Mike Grose (???? to 2019) was an English bassist, with 'Smile' and 'Queen'. Michael Grose was born in Truro, Cornwall, England, in an unknown year. He had first cut his teeth musically as part of minor bands such as 'The Individuals' and 'The Reaction', but also co-owned PJ's, a club in his hometown. It was here that he initially filled in on guitar for the 'rock' band 'Smile' after a previous member, Tim Staffell, had failed to turn up for a gig there (following an argument with drummer Roger Taylor). Grose eventually became known as just a short-lived member of that early 'Queen' incarnation, fulfilling his duties as bassist for them during a three-gig period in 1970 after moving up to a billet in Ferry Road, London, following his recruitment by them. When lead guitarist Brian May talked his Imperial College professors into letting the band rehearse at one of their lecture theatres, furious practice ensued (Taylor had solemnly promised his mother that the group would play a Red Cross fundraising gig at Truro City Hall in June 1970). The four group members managed to muddle their way through an uneven set in front of around 200 people in the 800-capacity hall, and for this they got a total of £50. Grose then took part in two more summer shows by the band in that year, and also saw in the transition to their new name, before losing his place to Barry Mitchell, then Doug Bogie and finally John Deacon. After a few months earning just a pittance with them, and having witnessed some strong friction between the members (especially Freddie Mercury and Taylor), he had decided to leave the group immediately after his third 'live' summer show with them. He returned to Cornwall, played briefly in a group called 'No Joke' with Tim Staffell, then formed his own haulage company and dropped out of the music scene altogether. Although he did not get to play on their slightly unremarkable debut single "Keep Yourself Alive", and there are no surviving recordings of his actual bass-playing, some of the ideas for the debut album by 'Queen' actually came from him. Therefore the instrumental version of the debut single is featured here, in tribute only, to mark his contributions to the early band. Mike Grose died in the United Kingdom on March 6th 2019, age unknown.
Posted: 7th April 2019
Hundreds of very talented musicians pass away each year, some without much recognition at all. On "Rest In Peace ✚", I aim to give them a fitting 'send-off', with a decent Tribute. I hope you will join me in marking their passing.....
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