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Forgetery Redux (Feat. Tegan Quin)
by Dan Mangan
Redone version from the Unmake EP, original track
The song FORGETERY came together after having an incredible experience dampened by a harrowing one. The song, ultimately, is about letting go. When we have a beautiful honest moment, our first intention is to grab on to it and try to hold it tight so we can own it. But of course, in making the moment conscious, we lose the very beauty we're trying to maintain.

I was messing around with this song outside the realm of the band, paring it down to a very simple voice/guitar thing. Tegan Quin told me it was her favourite song from Club Meds, so I sneakily suggested she sing with me on the recording, and I was so thrilled when she said she would. I love how her vocals take the chorus in a completely new direction - this huge wall of harmony. Tegan and Sara have such distinctive voices and Tegan's mark on the song is .... unforgettable. Sorry, I couldn't help myself. I hope you guys like it..

Posted: 18th November 2019
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