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‘Til The Dust Is Gone
by Art of Anarchy
Scott Weiland's actual last released album was a curious one, as the lead singer of band Art of Anarchy on their debut album. In a strange circle given Weiland's connection to Slash/Duff, AoA was a hard Rock band featuring former GNR Slash replacement guitarist Ron "Bumblefoot" Thal.

Welland wrote lyrics and added vocals over completed tracks, much like the final STP album. However, after recording, doing two videos and featuring in promo materials he distanced himself from the material, calling it a side project, and then even a scam.

AoA proceeded to sue him for $20 million for breach of contract after his having been paid $230,000 to feature on and promote the record. The lawsuit was dropped on Weiland's death.

In a final weird coda, AoA replaced him with Scott Stapp, former vocalist of Creed, and similar to Weiland, another vocalist who had been criticised for sounding like Pearl Jam.

Like Weiland, Stapp's band Creed reformed without him with a different singer (Alter Bridge), a la the attempt of Stone Temple Pilots to do the same via Talk Show/Army of Anyone, with this happening after an acrimonious falling out of Creed with Stapp due to Stapp's drug (alcohol and painkiller) use and unpredictable behaviour. In another GNR connection Alter Bridge is fronted by Slash's solo band vocalist Myles Kennedy.

And then in a final strange parallel, AoA sued Stapp for $1.2 million for breach of contract for his failing to promote their second album in 2017, having paid him $200,000 for his services and promotional work.

Posted: 13th November 2019
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