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New Killer Star
by David Bowie
Lead single off Reality.
"The opening track of Reality kicks off the album in style, its initial bars of woozy treated guitar fleetingly recalling the gentle beginnings of Heathen before Earl Slick's crackling riff blasts into life. "New Killer Star" reclaims the swaggering guitar style beloved of classic mid-1970s albums like Diamond Dogs (texturally its closest relative in the Bowie canon is perhaps the guitar jam that bridges "Sweet Thing" and "Rebel Rebel" on that album), while also recalling some of the 1990s work of Blur, whose album Think Tank was championed by David at the time of the Reality sessions and whose 1999 single "Coffee + TV" is readily recalled in the lolloping riff...
Lyrically "New Killer Star" sets out Reality's stall as an album of modern, urban angst: if Heathen's apparent echoes of 9/11 were coincidental, here they assuredly are not. The album's opening line - "See the great white scar over Battery Park" - cannot help but conjure up memories of the pall of smoke that hung over Ground Zero after the terrorist attacks. "The ghost of the tragedy that happened there is reflected in the song," David told Performing Songwriter, "but I'm trying to make something more positive out of it. The birth of a new star." In another interview he explained that "The lyrics weren't really reflections of 9/11 itself, but on the state of New York as it is at the moment, the scattered pieces, the idea of collecting things back together, and is it worth trying to keep a community going, or do we kind of disperse at this point in time?" Hence the first verse's advancement of a dogged optimism, of accentuating the positive in the face of adversity, as Bowie sings "But I won't look at that scar" and instead suggests, in Irving Berlin's time-honoured response to trouble ahead, "Let's face the music and dance". "I use it as the cliché it is," David said of the quotation, "from those old Fred Astaire movies or whatever - 'Well, times can be real bad, but we'll work our way through this'. Because it brings all that luggage with it.""
Posted: 28th November 2018
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