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Something in the Air
by David Bowie
Well if I posted Iggy, got to follow with Bowie.

I only got into Bowie in college, so this was one of the first Bowie albums I can remember looking forward to its release. I liked it back then, even if with hindsight it's a bit slight. IIRC a lot of reviews at the time were about his back to songwriting basics after Earthling and Outside, although a lot of his interviews were about the tie in game that much of the music was developed for (I never played it, not having much of a computer at the time!) Anyway, this was my penultimate TIMJ jam, I love the prechorus lyrics... Lived with the best times, Left with the worst, I've danced with you too long, Nothing left to say)

There's a remix of this for American Psycho, where they removed much of Reeves Gabrels' guitar, added a lot of Mike Garson's piano throughout, and a more drum machiney beat and more backing vocals. Some seem to prefer it.

Factoid: hours... Was the first high profile major label album made available for download on the net (2 weeks before its physical release)..."Several hundred people have bought rock veteran David Bowie’s new album, hours …, since it went on sale as a downloadable file Tuesday...That has exceeded the label’s expectations...The sites are estimating the download time for the album at between seven and eight minutes for people with T1 lines and up to five hours for people with 28.8 KB modems.. [and it is] available in Liquid Audio and Microsoft Audio formats at several websites, including Musicland, Tower Records, HMV,, Harmony House and Virgin Megastore."
1999 - Virgin Records - United Kingdom
Posted: 11th April 2016
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