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Zeroes (2018)
by David Bowie
@Astromonkey has previously put this up, but I thought it worth another posting.

The whole album of Never Let Me Down has been re-recorded for the latest bowie box set (excluding Bowie's guitar and obviously the vocals).

Supposedly, according to an interview with Reeves Gabrels I've listened to, Bowie had left instructions for this to be done, and it does follow his having Mario McNulty previously remix/rerecord the instruments Time Will Crawl (the same producer is in charge of this project).

Anyway, on this are Reeves Gabrels (from Bowie's Tin Machine I and II, 1. Outside, Hours, Earthling), David Torn (Heathen, Reality, The Next Day), Sterling Campbell (Black Tie White Noise, 1. Outside, Hours, Heathen, Reality, The Next Day), Tim Lefebvre (Blackstar), Nico Muhly and Laurie Anderson. They've left Peter Frampton's sitar though!

I'm a little ambivalent about this, it's certainly less 80s, but I'm not sure I like it any more than I do the original (which I think is ...OK, maybe a bit above average?). I do like the "I feel free" type vocals being a bit more obvious here.

Perhaps a whole album would be a bit different as the original tends to be quite overwhelming in its 80s production?

From the youtube posting: "ZEROES, the lyrics of which reference Prince’s Little Red Corvette was Bowie’s salute to the ‘60s. He described it as “The ultimate happy-go-lucky rock tune, based in the nonsensical period of psychedelia”. Mario McNulty commented, ""Stripping this song down to its core revealed a track that could have been right at home on Hunky Dory, I kept Peter Frampton’s sitar (which was originally owned by Jimi Hendrix) as it still fits against the new guitars from Reeves Gabrels”. "
2018 - United Kingdom
Posted: 25th July 2018
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