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I didn't know of this until the other day when I watched the classic albums show about the black album.
Apparently in the mixing of the album version the strings (of which they'd never done before and Lars was quite suspicious) got mixed lower and lower until the guy who did the orchestral score wondered where they went.
When he finally met them and asked about it (after the album came out) they produced this version to play for him, which is just a 12 string and the orchestra (the album version has drums, bass and eventually electric guitar for the solo).
It turned out it was officially released as a rare b side, and here it has been set back to the original video, meaning you get to see Lars pounding on the drums with no drums on the audio. Anything that makes Lars seem foolish is fine with me haha.
They eventually did a full live album with the orchestra as released on S&M, with the original guy who did this score, so I guess they got over their ambivalence eventually :)
Posted: 9th June 2019
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