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Smells Like Teen Spirit (Devonshire Mix)
by Nirvana
Until just recently, I had no idea that one thing that some professional song mixers do is to overdub (triggered) drum samples onto the recorded drum tracks (particularly for kick drums and snares). From what I've heard this is partially because the cymbols wash into other instruments, but it's also so they can do a level mix quickly. One of the videos I was watching was this analysis of Andy Wallace's mixes, he being the mixer who did Nevermind among others, , while others like Brendan O'Brien do not do this drum sampling (he produced and mixed many other 90s bands like Pearl Jam's second to fifth album, Stone Temple Pilots, some Bruce Springsteen, etc) - analysis here

Anyway, on the most recent Super Deluxe version of Nevermind they released the original Butch Vig mixes (named for Devonshire Studios), with I presume fully natural drums, of the album (baring the song "Polly" which was added later to the album but actually record at the previous year's Smart Studio Sessions with an earlier drummer), which is the original mix the band was said to have preferred but the record company wanted it polished up for release. (the pattern would play out again for In utero but only the two first singles were remixed by Scott Litt of REM producing fame, and a third remix of Pennyroyal tea made it only onto the Walmart version of the album for some reason, and I think also their best of album, with the single itself never being released [it had as its planned b side I Hate Myself and Want to Die, which in a rare show of good taste the record company decided was not a good look to release as Kurt killed himself in the lead up to its release]. Interestingly the LP reissue has only the original Albini mixes, which are easy to spot from the guitar effect on the heart shaped Box solo).

Regardless, the full Devonshire Butch Vig version is available on the YouTube, so we can have both!

As an aside, ive heard that Dave Grohl for Queens of the Stone Age actually recorded his drum tracks twice, once with the cymbols physically removed from the kit and once I think only with the cymbols, which I guess is another way to avoid this problem of cymbol wash if you're talented enough to do it!
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Posted: 31st December 2018
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