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What's Mine is Yours
by Sleater-Kinney
I was listening over the weekend to the new Giles Martin stereo mix of Sgt Pepper's. While I didn't A/B it, at least with headphones there seemed quite a lot of detail I couldn't remember hearing before and it was quite punchy. In particular, I was struck by Paul's bassline (centred right down the middle of the mix), which seemed basically like he was almost doing a bass solo on every track, no root/fifth basics here, and Ringo's drums were pretty cool too.

Don't know why people are so anti-Ringo...

Regardless, thanks to UMG's militant take down of any non-sanctioned Beatles' clips, there is a distinct lack of Beatles tunes on YouTube.

So, because of that, and in honour of Paul's bass heroics, here is a live track from Sleater-Kinney, a band without a bass player who are not what you would describe as Beatle-eque. Enjoy :) #girlswithguitars
2005 - SubPop - United States
Posted: 29th May 2017
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