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Lucky Love
by Tanya Donelly
Written with my buddy Claudia Gonson (of Magnetic Fields and Future Bible Heroes). One of the very first people I met and friended (lowercase f, old-school style) when I moved to Boston in 1985 -- she was still in high school at the time, I believe. The song starts with her "hello", which I included because I love the way she says "hello". Claudia recorded and sent me the chords on her phone, I put down an acoustic at Kraig Jordan's Plan of a Boy studio, and then Kraig put together a great band (D. Narcizo and B. Kendall among them) to play on top of it all. Singing with me on the chorus is Pip Everett (Blizzard of '78, Everett Bros Moving Company), who I've known since the early '80s, when his then band Coat of Arms and T Muses played together at all-ages shows in Providence RI, when we were all in our teens. Pip is one of my favorite singers. Ever.
This is a love story, without the goo. Skepticism, loyalty, gratitude, love.
Posted: 12th October 2019
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