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It might be a little on the upbeat side but I'm calling this a #SundaySoother , so you can quit your incessant whining, @debutch . ; )

This came to mind while brainstorming ideas from my #CD collection that could qualify for that, #obscure90s , and #nodudevember . I never would have heard of this groovy trip-hop act (this one's for you, @cello_m ) if not for having noticed the CD in the dollar bin at a local music store back in what turns out to be 2002 (oops!). I gave it a listen out of curiosity and liked it enough that it was a steal at $1. It became an instant favorite album of mine and I had it on heavy rotation for a while but I eventually moved on and it's probably been at least a decade since I've revisited it. Not to fear: I'm remedying that now and I'm happy to say it sounds as good as ever.

It took me some digging to find anything on Luminous at all-- at least this Luminous-- but now I know why. Barbara Cohen and Paul Rabb were known first as Brother Sun Sister Moon and changed their name to Luminous to spare fans the apparent tongue twister of a name before settling back on Brother Sun Sister Moon. That realization subsequently led to the discovery that they released an EP a few years after this when I'd assumed there was nothing else by them out there all these years. Not only that, but both Cohen and Rabb have done notable work with other acts-- I guess Rabb was the techno head behind Information Society (!) while Cohen was in a couple of bands I now need to look for, Farm Accident and Little Lizard (there appears to be an unrelated, newer, Little Lizard on Spotify), as well as having provided vocals on Air's, song, "Radian". Thank you, Pause & Play.

Anyway, cheers and enjoy this tasty little nugget of #obscure2000s .

Oh, and I failed for obscure 90s but this totally counts for #Noirvember !
2002 - Bleep Records - United States
Posted: 11th November 2019
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