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Little Deuce Coupe
by The Beach Boys
A prime example of a B-side becoming way more popular than its A-side (in this case, "Surfer Girl"). It's got all the hallmark harmonies and driving rhythm associated with the group ("driving" being an apt description in this instance, as the "deuce coupe" referred to in the title was apparently a 1932 Ford Model 18 motor vehicle).

'The Beach Boys':
:: From their 29 singles released in the UK, eleven went into the Top 10, with six inside the Top 3. ...
:: In all, they released 71 singles, 25 of which went into the Top 20 in the US. ...
:: The classic five-man line-up - Brian Wilson, Carl Wilson, Dennis Wilson, Mike Love and Al Jardine - were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1988.

In #1963 :
:: An African-American children's crusade began in Birmingham, Alabama, on May 2nd (organised by the minister and leader of the Civil Rights Movement James Bevel, with the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, or SCLC). More than 600 black school children were arrested for marching against segregation on that day. ...
:: On June 22nd this year, 'Little Stevie Wonder', a black 13-year-old music prodigy, released his first single. Called "Fingertips", it became the first 'live' (non-studio) recording to hit the top of the Billboard Hot 100. ...
:: "Überlebensgroß Herr Krott", a new play by Martin Walser, premiered at the Württemberg State Theater Stuttgart on November 30th 1963.

US: No. 15 - UK: Not released
1963 - Capitol - United States - Not blocked anywhere
Posted: 6th December 2019
For a few years in the 1960s, London was the world capital of cool, reflecting all things hip and fashionable which had been growing in the popular British imagination throughout the decade. Music was also a huge part of London's swing - Liverpool had 'The Beatles' and the London sound was a mix of bands like 'The Who', 'The Kinks', the 'Small Faces' and 'The Rolling Stones'. Hopefully, you'll catch a flavour of all this from my posts here.
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