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Wouldn't It Be Nice
by The Beach Boys
Very much in line with what the 12-year-old Lee would have been thinking. As a callow youth wondering how long it might be until he has the freedom to access the pleasures of adulthood, and thinking: "Boy, I cannot wait!" (Sorry Lee - at least another four years!)

By now well into their stride as purveyors of harmony, and with the ground-breaking masterpiece "Good Vibrations" just around the corner, 'The Beach Boys' were fast becoming consummate interpreters of a wide variety of music types - upbeat numbers and reflective ballads, as well as light-hearted novelties.

'The Beach Boys':
:: Brian Wilson wasn't born deaf in one ear, but he always had a theory about how he ended up that way - he believed the damage was done after being beaten by his father. However, his mother had a different theory - she said that as a toddler Wilson once got into a play boxing match with another toddler, and the head trauma he received may have permanently affected his hearing. ...
:: In an effort to keep their image clean, the band's first manager (the Wilsons' own father) fined them constantly for doing anything unbecoming of "upstanding young men". For example, if they were caught swearing, they would have to pay $100; if they hung out with a girl, they would have to pay $50! ...
:: Although "Pet Sounds" is accepted as one of the greatest albums ever made, the title track had originally been intended for the soundtrack of a James Bond film. After writing it as "Run James Run", Brian Wilson submitted the song to movie producer Cubby Broccoli for possible inclusion in the upcoming "You Only Live Twice". Sadly or otherwise, after the song was rejected it was retitled "Pet Sounds" ... and the rest is history.

In #1966 :
:: On May 15th of this year, the English County Championship match between Essex and Somerset at Valentine’s Park, Ilford, included a Sunday schedule as its second day - the first time a domestic match had ever been played on the Sabbath (it fizzled out to a draw on the third day). The idea was not popular however, as the Lord's Day was still expected to be observed in England back then, and another three years would pass before the John Player Cricket League ushered in regular Sunday play. ...
:: A Vietnamese Mahayana Buddhist monk called Thich Quang Duc went to a busy Saigon road junction on June 11th 1963. Doused in petrol by his followers and rotating a string of wooden prayer beads, he simply recited some words of homage to the Amitabha Buddha before striking a match and dropping it on himself. His protest was about the persecution of Buddhists by the South Vietnamese government led by Ngo Dinh Diem, and photographs of his fatal self-immolation were circulated widely across the world and brought attention to their policies. ...
:: A horrific train crash occurred at the Second Street railroad crossing in Everett, Massachusetts, on December 28th 1966, when a single car commuter train crashed into an oil truck which had stalled on the tracks. Carrying around 25 people, it was completely engulfed in flames when the collision occurred, trapping the passengers inside. Twelve people tragically lost their lives, including the conductor.

US: No. 8 - UK: Not released
1966 - Capitol - United States - Not blocked anywhere
Posted: 16th November 2019
For a few years in the 1960s, London was the world capital of cool, reflecting all things hip and fashionable which had been growing in the popular British imagination throughout the decade. Music was also a huge part of London's swing - Liverpool had 'The Beatles' and the London sound was a mix of bands like 'The Who', 'The Kinks', the 'Small Faces' and 'The Rolling Stones'. Hopefully, you'll catch a flavour of all this from my posts here.
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