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While My Guitar Gently Weeps
by The Beatles
I have no recollection of this record at all from back in 1968 when I was fourteen, probably because I did not buy LPs. My focus at that age was still on the band's single releases as written by Lennon & McCartney, and I was not initially impressed with much of George Harrison's early output on the odd occasion I heard it, especially some of the "strange Indian stuff" he was coming out with. Apart from the wonderful "Something", I kind of blanked his contributions from my mind's Beatle archive - like so many others, I had for a long time assumed that only Lennon and McCartney could write a decent song, and that Harrison and Ringo Starr were mere "also-rans" in the songwriting stakes. I was so wrong regarding George, and he would prove this way better after the band had broken up and he had entered into fruitful collaborations with countless other music stars.

Of course, I like it now. Of course, in more modern times I have learned to "get" what Harrison was doing back then. But this naive little teenager of that time had yet to find out about real subtlety and proper craft.

'The Beatles':
:: Paul McCartney, then-drummer Pete Best and guitarist George Harrison were deported from Germany during their first Hamburg club residency in late 1960 - 17-year-old Harrison for being underage, and the other two for damaging their room by setting a condom on fire. ...
:: McCartney (always a good Catholic boy) was inspired to write "Maxwell's Silver Hammer" by recalling the Vatican ritual where a cardinal is required to tap a deceased Pope on the forehead five times with a silver hammer to ensure he is actually dead. ...
:: In 1974, during a little-known studio session with Stevie Wonder and Harry Nilsson, two former 'Beatles' colleagues jammed along together for the first time since their split. A bootleg recording made during a drinking session, called "A Toot And A Snore", appeared later on; it would also be the last ever time that Lennon and McCartney would play together.

In #1968 :
:: The first successful human heart transplant took place during December of that year, when Dr Christiaan Barnard performed the operation on 53-year-old Louis Washkansky at the Groote Schuur Hospital in Cape Town, South Africa. The transplant itself was successful and the patient's body did not reject the organ; however, he did die just 18 days later from infection. ...
:: The "Marine, &c., Broadcasting (Offences) Act 1967" came into effect in UK waters which effectively outlawed "pirate" radio stations such as 'Radio Caroline' and 'Radio London'. The illegal broadcasters had set up years before aboard old ships based offshore, and their 'deejay'-led shows had gradually gained a massive following among the youth of that time. ...
:: The Intel Corporation was created by Gordon Moore and Robert Noyce after receiving $2.5 million of funding from venture capitalist and financier Arthur Rock. They then set out to build a company that could make and develop semiconductor computer circuits (the forerunners of the microchip). The rest is history.....

[Double LP "The Beatles", aka "White Album"] US: No. 1 - UK: No. 1
1968 - Apple Records - United Kingdom - Blocked in 180 countries
Posted: 14th July 2019
For a few years in the 1960s, London was the world capital of cool, reflecting all things hip and fashionable which had been growing in the popular British imagination throughout the decade. Music was also a huge part of London's swing - Liverpool had 'The Beatles' and the London sound was a mix of bands like 'The Who', 'The Kinks', the 'Small Faces' and 'The Rolling Stones'. Hopefully, you'll catch a flavour of all this from my posts here.
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