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Daydream Believer
by The Monkees
Absolute required teatime viewing for us kids in the UK on a Saturday (I was 13 by then). 'The Monkees' were something of an antidote to the serious experimental turn which our home-grown heroes 'The Beatles' had taken (...thanks, George Martin...). While they forged bravely ahead into Pepperland and added ever more complicated layers to their music, 'The Monkees' kept it basic, cute and listenable, and still projected a quasi-"Fab Four" image even after the originals had abandoned their "look" in favour of 'granny glasses', moustaches, beards and brightly-coloured antique-style military uniforms - oh, and those silly three-cornered hats.....

'The Monkees':
:: Only Peter Tork and Micky Dolenz appeared in every TV episode (Davy Jones missed one in order to attend his sister's wedding, and Michael Nesmith missed three - for a tonsillectomy, his son's birth, and a family trip to Texas). ...
:: British immigrant Davy Jones was almost drafted into the US Army (When he signed his incoming visa, it stipulated that he may be eligible for call-up if he were still in the country after six months. So he stopped eating, and failed the medical exam for entry). ...
:: 400 young actors and musicians auditioned for the four TV roles (Among them were Stephen Stills, Harry Nilsson, John Sebastian, Danny Hutton and Paul Williams, who were all rejected).

In #1967 :
:: During the Six Day War, Arab forces attack Israel and start the Yom Kippur War (However, the Arabs were defeated, and Israel took possession of even more territory as a result). ...
:: Ariel-3, the first all-British made satellite, is launched (It went into orbit around the Earth during May after being launched with the help of NASA from the Vandenberg Air Force Base in California. It carried five experiments from British universities). ...
:: The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) is created (This followed the publication of Ralph Nader's book "Unsafe At Any Speed", which put immense pressure on the US Government (and the automobile industry) to improve safety in the cars produced there).

UK: No. 5 - US: No. 1
1967 - RCA Victor - United States - Not blocked anywhere
Posted: 4th June 2019
For a few years in the 1960s, London was the world capital of cool, reflecting all things hip and fashionable which had been growing in the popular British imagination throughout the decade. Music was also a huge part of London's swing - Liverpool had 'The Beatles' and the London sound was a mix of bands like 'The Who', 'The Kinks', the 'Small Faces' and 'The Rolling Stones'. Hopefully, you'll catch a flavour of all this from my posts here.
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