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Unchained Melody
by The Righteous Brothers
Got to be honest - this duo left me scratching my head as far as image was concerned. I had already tried working out what was going on when listening to their previous UK hit "You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin'", and came away wondering what was with all the echo, reverb and orchestral nonsense going on in that record. Now along came this follow-up record, and the 'Baritone Vocal Guy' (Bill Medley) seemed to have disappeared completely. Just the 'High Pitched Vocal Guy' (Bobby Hatfield) hogging the whole track. I still think of 'The Righteous Brothers' as an odd novelty in the make-up of the whole Swinging Sixties scene. Just my view, folks, and my opinion was not helped by the song's resurrection in a clay pot throwing sequence contained in a movie made some 25 years after it first hit the charts.

'The Righteous Brothers':
:: They aren't brothers (nor are they even related to each other), and neither one has the real surname 'Righteous'. ...
:: The duo opened for 'The Beatles' on their 1964 US tour, but quit midway through because fans of the Fab Four would just scream "We want The Beatles!" all the way through their sets. ...
:: They got their big break when they became regular guests on the US TV variety show "Shindig!", which launched the year before.

In #1965 :
:: Race riots break out in Watts, California, after highway patrolman Lee Minikus arrests Marquette Frye for failing roadside sobriety tests, as well as members of his angry family (A crowd of a few hundred then gathered around the scene, and the resulting mass disorder left large parts of the city burnt and looted and 34 dead). ...
:: The Gateway Arch, located in St Louis, Missouri, is finally completed during October of that year (It had been designed by Eero Saarinen in 1947 during a competition to create a landmark which best illustrated the symbolic "gateway" between the Eastern United States and the West). ...
:: The 1965 Voting Rights Act is signed into law, prohibiting most of the unfair practices used to prevent black voters from registering (It also provided for federal registrars to go to such voting-related discriminatory states as Alabama in order to ensure that the law was implemented).

US: No. 4 - UK: No. 14
1965 - London Records - Not blocked anywhere
Posted: 12th June 2019
For a few years in the 1960s, London was the world capital of cool, reflecting all things hip and fashionable which had been growing in the popular British imagination throughout the decade. Music was also a huge part of London's swing - Liverpool had 'The Beatles' and the London sound was a mix of bands like 'The Who', 'The Kinks', the 'Small Faces' and 'The Rolling Stones'. Hopefully, you'll catch a flavour of all this from my posts here.
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