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Woke Up Dreaming
by Joe Bonamassa & Tina Guo
Tub Jams Julie got me in a Joe Bonamassa mood with her earlier Juke of Joe with Paul Rogers which is a must see Jam https://www.godsjukebox.com/Ulittletwit/paul-rogers-amp-joe-bonamassa-walk-in-the-shadows-fire-amp-water/ so there will be a double shot air and on https://www.godsjukebox.com/shaka/joe-bonamassa-happier-times/ this morning!

While watching this before and then again this morning especially after Eurovision I can't help but wonder how I act like this what do at such a contest? For a question like this, I have to look to @Avante and other ESC fans here because I would just have an uneducated guess thinking that this they actually go over well!

Last night's ESC was more fun than last year mostly because I only saw the voting last year. I'm a geek for that kind of voting stuff. Shaka really liked Norway's performance! At least two things surprised me. Spain got zero points from the fans. I usually pull for the Czech Republic since that's where my ancestors were from but I have no idea how they did as they did.

ESC Highlights - https://youtu.be/iT0__GtsjH4

Shaka is returning his roots which is #cheese and sports!

JAM ON Jukers!!!
United States - Live From Carnegie Hall: An Acoustic Evening
Posted: 19th May 2019
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