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Townes Van Zandt Solo Sessions Jan 17, 1995
by Townes Van Zandt
?A heaping helping of #TexasTuesday starting off with this #TVZTuesday live session where he talks about his friend Blaze Foley And tell?s?? ?a? story about ?digging? up Blaze out of the grave to get a ticket so that he could get a guitar? ??of his out of the pawn shop to? record a song that he wrote. Townes was from my Texas town of Fort Worth. I sure miss the food in Texas more than just about anything else.

Unfortunately, I don't have a playlist for this set I didn't take notes and I lost my short-term memory. I'm still looking for it though. Haha!

This is ?all? the YouTube poster left us:
Published on Aug 31, 2008
A solo sessions performance on the now defunct Austin Music Network. Directed by Dave Prewitt of CapZeyeZ Digital Media. Recorded @ uStream.Tv
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Shaka received the great days on backorder for everybody so take as many as you want and some extras who are your friends to enjoy them with!

JAM ON Jukers!!!
1995 - United States
Posted: 19th March 2019
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