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Aloha from Hawaii via Satellite
by Elvis
I was 11 and The Good Gunner was stationed in Okinawa for a year so I watched this with only my mom and little sister in our Fort Worth, Texas apartment. We had just moved from Barstow, California. I was warned before starting school in Texas that many kids looked down upon Elvis because he was 'old' and not even on the show 'Midnight Special' hosted by Wolfman Jack where all the cool musicians played so I was the only geek at school that loved Elvis. I had no idea that I would start going to going to concerts at the same arena by the end of the decade after living in Key West, Florida for a few years first. This show was really special. It even brought tears to my mom's eyes. If only I had known that 'Something' was a Beatles song then I would have liked them earlier than high school. I even wrote an architecture review about the Neal S. Blaisdell Center in my senior year for my AP European History class. It was a seriously lame choice with all the great buildings on the island but I had a heart of rock at the time.

Aloha from Hawaii Via Satellite is a music concert that was headlined by Elvis Presley, and was broadcast live via satellite on January 14, 1973. The concert took place at the Honolulu International Center (HIC) in Honolulu (now known as the Neal S. Blaisdell Center) and aired in over 40 countries across Asia and Europe (who received the telecast the next day, also in primetime). Despite the satellite innovation, the United States did not air the concert until April 4, 1973 (because the concert took place the same day as Super Bowl VII). Viewing figures have are estimated to be between 1 and 1.5 billion viewers worldwide. The show was the most expensive entertainment special at the time, costing $2.5 million.
- youtube uploader of the video

Elvis manager Colonel Tom Parker received a letter from Honolulu Advertiser columnist Eddie Sherman. Sherman had read in news accounts that there was to be no charge for admittance to the concerts, instead a donation for charity was required. He suggested to Parker that, as Presley had recorded, and was still performing, the song "I'll Remember You," which had been written and composed by Kui Lee, the donations could go to the Kui Lee Cancer Fund that had been set up following the death of the songwriter in 1966. Seeing the chance to publicize Presley's charitable nature once again, Parker eagerly agreed
- wiki

shaka has many unwatched Elvis flicks on the dvr and a case of Shiner Blonde so after I go out on an adventure to the store for corn chips I will be #cheese ing out

JAM ON Jukers!!!
1973 - United States
Posted: 19th August 2017
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