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Oh Well
by Fleetwood Mac

@shaka 's first REAL concert was this one. The 'Rumors' tough made a stop in hawaii on the way to or from Japan which was the only way we got concerts. We only had about 3-5 of these a year so I would end up going to all of them.

The price was high. 8 dollars was equal to buying two albums on the military base. The only reason I decided to go was everyone I worked with was going. A coworker picked me up then the first stop was on the shoulder of a street by the woods.

'Wait here, I'll be back' he told me.
He disappeared out of site and in less than two minutes he returns with an ice chest full of Mickey's Big Mouth beer. He would stash stuff he didn't want his parents to know about there.

The atmosphere at the concert during the long wait was approaching the edge of overwhelming. I had never seen anything like it. This would be a major turning point in the young shaka life.

The wait was over! Out go the lights and on comes Stephen Bishop for his warm up set. HOW COULD ANYONE EVER TOP THAT! When that was over all of us 'baggers' gathered from all parts of the arena. When the Mac came one I was transported to another world and wondered if this is what dropping acid is like. I think I was a sophomore in high school at the time.

This is the first of my #BagTime tales to follow in the future which is named after a book of collected fictional articles from a Chicago newspaper.

I like Peter Green's version on vinyl and youtube more but Buckingham was my introduction to live #RockGuitarJams #GuitarRockJams

#bonus features
Stephen Bishop On and On - https://youtu.be/LiAtgVi4c_0

shaka sez there's not many things better than live jams

JAM ON Jukers!!!

Posted: 6th November 2017
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