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We Will Rock You
by Erreway
Written by Brian May in 1977 an recorded by Queen in the same Year. It was released as a single with We are The Champions and included on The LP News of The World. A Faster version is often played live and was recorded for a John Peel Programme on the BBC in 1977. The song has been re-released several times and the fast version appeared on a promo single in conjunction with a certain British Newspaper

It's also been covered a number of times noticeably by Five who with May and Roger Taylor on guitar and drums (but No Vocals) hit #1 in the UK in 2000

However here are Erreway an Argentinian Pop rock band who were formed during the TV series Rebelde Way in 2002 which achieved some International success. The band consisting of Camila Bordonaba, Felipe Colombo, Luisana Lopilato and Benjamín Rojas The 4 had also appeared in the earlier TV series Chiquititas which was an Argentian Childrens Musical soap Opera

The band recorded some LP s and went on tour to the places they were popular. This continued after the series and a film spin off had finished.

Lopilato left the group in 2005 but they continued with Bordonaba taking her vocal parts.

As seemingly befits many Argentine pop stars each member was an actor or actress as well as singer

I cannot trace this cover being officially released on an LP or single not even on a compilation/live 3 CD set released in 2007. Nonetheless there are a few videos of the band singing this song at different venues.

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