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I'm doing a series of Depeche Mode covers the first of which was yesterday as much inflenced by @debutch whose post "Ice Machine" by the band was covered by Ryskopp..

This song was a single released from Depeche Mode's 6th album Music for the Masses The song was a success in the UK #16 and the USA #76 in the Billboard hot 100 as well as Sweden and Switzerland

In 2010 the song was recorded by Bat for lashes (aka Natasha Khan) in 2011 for the Gucci perfume Guilty for Him the Guilty for Her version was recorded by The Friendly Fires

Both songs were released as free downloads off the Gucci site There was also a joint venture and the advert had both performers see links

2011 - United Kingdom - Released to support Gucci's Guilty for Him perfume
Posted: 13th July 2017
Paul Lancaster
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