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Living In The Past
by CCS
Written by Ian Anderson in 1969 and first recorded by Jethro Tull as a single but became more popular when included on the album of the same name in 1972 Nonetheless it reached #3 in the UK on first release and #5 in Eire

In 1972 it hit #11 in the Billboard Hot 100 and #16 in Canada

I had a good friend in junior school but he moved to a high school after the 11+ exams and I went to Secondary.. my best friend in that and I went to Technical College but then he married and moved away a few years later

From my early 20s I had a mate who I was closest too ever.. we both married and both divorced I remarried and had kids He didn't and doesn't seem to enamored with my offspring

I still meet up with them all individually and sometimes we meet up together, though, maybe not as often as should..

What do they all have in common? With regards to music.. Mostly this...

CCS released this on their #debuts album aka Whole Lotta Love Its an Instrumental cover..

#AprilMusicChallenge day 12 dedicate a song to my best friends all 3 of them!
1970 - United Kingdom - From The Album CCS
Posted: 12th April 2019
Paul Lancaster
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