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Eye Of The Tiger
by Great White
First, The easy bit, Written by Frankie Sullivan & Jim Peterik both of the rock band Survivor who recorded it in 1982 and released as the 3rd single from the band's Eye of The Tiger album.

Sylvester Stallone requested it was recorded because Queen denied his wish for Another One Bites The Dust to be used for the film Rocky 3. The version used was a demo and different to both the single and LP versions.

It was a massive global success reaching top 10 almost everywhere and #1 in Australia Canada Finland Ireland Japan Norway South Africa UK & Billboard Hot 100.

Great white are a band formed in LA in 1977 as Dante Fox changing their name to Great White in 1980. They split in 2001 reformed in 2006 they began touring as Jack Russell's Great White merging then splitting again.

They always have been a band with covers in their discography and according to they list 38 but that doesn't include this.

According to a fan review of the Essential Great White this is actually a record by Jack Russell's Great White with 3 re-recordings of 3 original songs and the balance covers.

So it probably isn't that Great White but it's still a cover and "out there"
2011 - United States - From The Album The Essential Great White
Posted: 14th January 2020
Paul Lancaster
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