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Boom Boom out go the lights
by J D Simo
My last 2 gigs have been very blues orientated on 5/10 The Rocktober tour cruised into town Walter Trot, Dan Patlansky Kris Barras and Mollie Marriot each did a set showcasing their blues roots, of generally different varieties

I will come back to them soon

Boom Boom Is a song written by Sam Lewis and first recorded by Slim Walter in 1957. Probably the best well known version is by Pat Travers band included on their 1976 Eponymous debut LP

J.D. Simo aka SImo last played in Norwich in 2016 I caught the last 2 numbers of his set as he opened for the 3 groups on tour and I had double booking.
I was suitably impressed and brought the CD and got it signed. @ElizaJane had introduced me to him

JD Simo – guitar, vocals (2010–2017)
Adam Abrashoff – drums (2010–2017)
Elad Shapiro – bass, backing vocals (2015–2017

In the interim he disbanded the band and has gone solo but really you couldn't tell! Elad Shapiro has had to drop out owing to other pressures and he's been replaced by freelance session Musician Andraleia Buch who played a 5 string bass and she was AWESOME

Wiki refers to his style as Psychedelic soul, and in their new format they would be old school blues and freeform Psychedelic rock. Simo is a master of both and the rhythm section has to be on its toes because he wanders off in a fantastic improvisation but If there was any issue I never heard it

His set was just over 75 minutes long and he came on early. The set list was about 11 songs long and centred on the latest LP finishing with a cover of A Little Help From My Friends where he played harmonies on his guitar..

The whole thing was a virtuoso performance by guys who feel for their music in an intense way but is never sterile. The band were very chatty at the marche, J D is very humble and sold loads of stuff despite the sum total of just 30 in the crowd but 30 noisy is probably better than 100 quiet!

Fabulous gig and yes I brought the latest CD and got it signed... this was I believe the last concert in the tour and they finished at 10pm

Finally I had a really stressy Day to the point where I felt I didn't want to go to the gig but my children insisted I the end J.D. said if came feeling shit but now feel better than when you arrived, that's what its about.

I felt he was talking to me personally because I sure did.. I even involuntarily clapped starting a round of applause..

That says a lot..
2019 - United States - From The Album off at Eleven
Posted: 17th October 2019
Paul Lancaster
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