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A Night to remember
by Liberty X
There have been a couple of posts by Shalamar on the Jukebox these last weeks. They were my favourite band floating in their musical space at the time

A night to Remember was written by Nidra Beard, Dana Meyers, Charmaine Sylvers in 1982 and was the 2nd single from their 6th album Friends. It also introduced Jeffrey Daniel's "Moon Walk" to the world

It was big in the UK reaching #5 in the charts but stalled at #44 in the Billboard Hot 100

991 covered it but here UK-Irish band Liberty X formed from contestants of the UK reality TV series Pop Stars who failed to make into the Winning group Here'say.

It was released as a charity single in aid of Children in Need. It was included on their 3rd Studio album and was their 10th and penultimate single release reaching #6 in the UK

Jessica Taylor
Kelli Young
Kevin Simm
Michelle Heaton
Tony Lundon
2005 - United Kingdom - From The Album X and Single Release
Posted: 9th August 2019
Paul Lancaster
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