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I Can't Stand Up For Falling Down / Girls Talk
by Elvis Costello and The Attractions
Two (Tone) for the price of one here, with both sides of a single that ended up not actually being officially issued on the label at all:
According to Record Collector (No 91): "Costello had been signed to Radar in 1978, via a licensing deal from Riviera Global Productions. Radar collapsed towards the end of 1979, and so Elvis's manager Jake Riviera alighted upon the Specials' 2-Tone label as an ideal venue for a holding operation - a one-off single - until Elvis sorted out a deal for the Get Happy!! album. WEA, who had distributed Radar, were less than delighted: they felt they had a stake in Costello's career by virtue of the success of the records they had distributed for him, and so they obtained a court injunction to stop the 2-Tone single being sold.

By March '80, the situation was clarified: F-Beat was set up by Riviera as an independent company, but WEA continued to distribute their records. In the meantime, there were several thousand 2-Tone singles to dispose of. These were handed out free to the audience at a London's Rainbow Theatre gig. Several months later, Riviera pressed up a few thousand more of the 2-Tone singles, and these were given away at London and US gigs".

Jerry Dammers offers a slightly different take on the story behind this single: “Jake Riviera cheekily printed up a few thousand Elvis Costello singles on the 2 tone label, obviously thinking that I would be delighted to have such a major star on the label, but I was having none of it, 2 Tone being a strictly ska at that time. So Elvis was forced to give these singles away free at his gigs (now collector’s items, of course)." [Record Collector magazine No 363]

The A-side was a cover of a Sam & Dave original, posted here previously by @CatCalzone - - whilst its flip had already been given away to Dave Edmunds, scoring him a UK No. 4 hit in 1979 (which by odd coincidence is also where 'I Can't Stand Up...' peaked when it was eventually released). @SteveFawcett picked that one before -

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1980 - United Kingdom
Posted: 11th August 2019
Thomas O'Shea
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