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Your Love
by Supergrass
The eponymous third album from Supergrass was released in the UK on 20 September 1999, so here's something from it to mark its 20th birthday.

Other tracks (with still-playable videos) that have been posted on here before are as follows:

'Moving' (two different live performances) - &

'Eon' -

'Pumping On Your Stereo' -

'Born Again' -

A week or so ago, it was announced that the band have re-formed to do a tour in the new year, which ostensibly marks (a few months early) the 25th anniversary of their début record I Should Coco, but also ties in with a huge career-spanning super deluxe boxset (comprising 6 LPs, 13 CDs, a 7" single and book) - - and a much less wallet-stretching new single CD/double LP best of, both called The Strange Ones and due out on 24 January.

1999 - Parlophone - United Kingdom
Posted: 19th September 2019
Thomas O'Shea
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