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Fly and Collision of Comas Sola
by Tangerine Dream
Not going to lie, the first two or so minutes are dissonant and disturbing; my wife just told me to turn it down because "between that and the washer this place has gone psycho" honestly, I couldn't hear the washer because I had this too loud. Maybe it's a bit much at the start...

but then the organ...
the flute...

and, finally, the drums. Klaus Schulze, the mad drummer, is gone from this incarnation of the Tangs, but we still have drums courtesy of newby Christopher Franke. Franke would be with the band until 1987 and Schroyder would play organ on the next album, Zeit, otherwise "Alpha Centauri" is it for this version of Tangerine Dream:

Edgar Froese – guitar, organ, bass, coffee machine (!), composer
Christopher Franke – drums, percussion, flute, zither, piano, VCS3
Steve Schroyder – organ, voice, echo machines, iron stick
Udo Dennebourg – flute, voice
Roland Paulyck – synthesizer
1971 - Ohr - Germany
Posted: 3rd April 2018
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