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by Earth Wind & Fire
@debutch has posted his favourite song. It got me thinking but my brain hurts and I can’t choose ONE! This would certainly be in my Top 10 and it’s been following me around all week. No, it’s not deep and meaningful but it is joyous and uplifting and just gives me the feels every time

I read somewhere that when writing the song Allee Willis didn’t like the “Ba-yee-ya” bits and really pushed for a rewrite. He asked Maurice “what the hell does Ba-yee-ya mean?” And Maurice just said “who the hell cares!” Willis said that was a great lesson in songwriting.... never let the lyrics get in the way of the groove

Amen to that!

Have a groovin weekend chums x
Posted: 16th February 2019
I like all kinds of stuff. I'd say open minded but that's got me into trouble before so I won't. I think I play music to suit my mood and being a fully grown woman this could explain the randomness of my choosings.
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