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Do The Clam
by Glen Campbell
Glen Campbell recorded an 18 track album which was only intended for Elvis Presley’s ears somewhere between 1964-1968. The songs were never released until now. The songs have been found on long forgotten reel-to-reel tapes in one of Elvis’ songwriters, Ben Weisman’s storage space.

Glen was originally given the task to record the songs due to his perfect pitch and an ability to match Elvis’s key and even mimic his delivery so the songs could be presented to Elvis for his recording consideration

Elvis recorded 12 of the 18 songs on the album called ‘Glen Campbell - Sings For The King’

Glen did these sessions between others during his time with The Wrecking Crew, as a touring member of The Beach Boys and his own recordings

Here’s Elvis’ version of ‘Do The Clam’ from the film ‘Girl Happy’ (which I’ve never seen) https://youtu.be/JFZWc58fgDs
Posted: 19th November 2018
I like all kinds of stuff. I'd say open minded but that's got me into trouble before so I won't. I think I play music to suit my mood and being a fully grown woman this could explain the randomness of my choosings.
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