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My Arms Keep Missing You
by Rick Astley
Well folks...it’s that time of the year again that I get to see Mr Astley. We went on Tuesday night and WOW... you can tell the money has gotten better because the whole production was fantastic. I just couldn’t decide what song to post but whenever he sings one of his ‘80’s specials’ the energy in the place just erupts and everyone is dancing about and singing out (the men out sung the women this year) so I’ve gone for one of them. He didn’t do as many this time as he’s had a couple of albums out now after his big comeback, he did do Daft Punk’s ‘Harder Better Faster Stronger’ which was pretty great actually. The band were so good, I wish I could have caught the bass players name but there was that much cheering when they were introduced I totally missed it. Never mind, there’s always next year!

Posted: 15th November 2018
I like all kinds of stuff. I'd say open minded but that's got me into trouble before so I won't. I think I play music to suit my mood and being a fully grown woman this could explain the randomness of my choosings.
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