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Show Me
by The Black Crowes with Derek Trucks & Susan Tedeschi
I’ve had this song in my head NON STOP for about 3 days now.... I decided to see what other versions I could find in a bid to bombard my head with so much of it that it would let me wake up with something else to think about... then I heard this. And Susan’s voice... WOW, I love it! See, if it wasn’t for my own head getting in my nerves I’d probably never had heard it so it must have been a big plan all along!

I couldn’t find a better sounding version but this one still made me smile. Lots..

Posted: 7th August 2019
I like all kinds of stuff. I'd say open minded but that's got me into trouble before so I won't. I think I play music to suit my mood and being a fully grown woman this could explain the randomness of my choosings.
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