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Watermelon Man
by Karin Krogh and Public Enemies

Krog started singing jazz as a teenager and attracted attention while performing in jam sessions in Oslo. In 1955 she was hired by the pianist Kjell Karlsen to sing in his sextet. In 1962 she started her first band, and that same year she became a student of the Norwegian-American singer Anne Brown. Krog studied with Brown until 1969. In the 1960s she performed with the rhythm and blues band Public Enemies, releasing the hit singles "Sunny" and "Watermelon Man". ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Karin_Krog )

#cover of Herbie Hancock's original (1962):  ( https://youtu.be/ZbHJHPTikQ ) A Watermelon Man" is a jazz standard written by Herbie Hancock for his debut album, Takin' Off (1962). Hancock's first version was released as a grooving hard bop record, and featured improvisations by Freddie Hubbard and Dexter Gordon. A single reached the Top 100 of the pop chart. Cuban percussionist Mongo Santamaría released the tune as a Latin pop single and it became a surprise hit, reaching No. 10 on the pop chart.  Santamaría's recording was inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame in 1998. Hancock radically re-worked the tune, combining elements of funk, for the album Head Hunters (1973).  ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Watermelon_Man_%28composition%29 )

I stumbled on Karin Krogh's version listening to clips from a Girls in the Garage link found via an internet rabbit hole. Today, I accidentally closed that link and when I tried to retrieve it, a ton of porn sites showed. To spare you that, here's the link: https://www.forcedexposure.com/Catalog/va-girls-in-the-garage-volumes-1-6-6cd-box/PAPRBOX.006CD.html. You'll find song clips from six cd's of garage girl band songs which was lots of fun although I will admit that Karin Krogh doesn't sound so 'garagey'.
1966 - Sonet, Wah Wah Moose - Norway
Posted: 11th November 2019
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