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-I found this album
-Last week I cleared out a lounge/bar because I requested WOP thinking it would get the party started. That song is like...8 years old and 10 clearly underage people left X) Then my friend put me on her Instagram story dancing with this random table that were getting into it and I got to see that lovely video the next day
-I went on a terrible Tinder date that could be a whole other post, but it pretty much ended with him going in for an open mouth zombie kiss in a Kroger parking lot. Well he actually followed me to Kroger because I had to get something for a potluck the next day. So we went went to Kroger at like 12:15 AM so I could get cookies. Then, after the terrible zombie kiss he said the classic line of "Let's hang out more". Here's how the conversation went:
"Nahhh, I'm going to bed"
"I had a couple of beers. I feel pretty drunk"
"You had one beer"
"I could crash on your couch"
"I don't have a couch" (actually true, I still don't have furniture)
Like how SLEAZY can you get and how dumb do you think I am? For every date I meet them there, don't drink too much, and make sure someone knows where I am.
Let's see...what else. Oh! Last night I went to this really hoity toity place with a couple of friends, couldn't pronounce anything, and had to point at what sounded good. We split a bottle of wine then after the restaurant we got ice cream, mojitos, and vodka and red bulls. We were switching drinks trying everything out because we all don't know a whole lot drink orders. I don't even want to look at my bank account today. What exactly is budgeting again?
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