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My God has A Telephone
by The Flying Stars of Brooklyn NY
Been very happily listening to Colemine Records releases recently.

'Colemine Records was founded in late 2007 with the simple idea of putting out raw, authentic SOUL music on vinyl. Since then we've been lucky enough to grow and work with some very talented artists and bands over the years, and in 2015 we opened up a brick and mortar record store, Plaid Room Records, so that we could continue to expand our little soul label. It's operated primarily by two guys, Terry Cole and Bob Cole, but the strength of the label is quality music produced by our artists.'

The above track features Aaron Frazer out from behind the drum kit he normally sits behind with Durant Jones & the Indications

'As well as smooth soul, Frazer has another deep musical passion: gospel music, especially regional 45s. Born in Baltimore, he has found himself collecting gospel 45s from that region of Maryland over the last few years. Touring across the country has provided him an opportunity to get a greater appreciation for just how hyper-localized, as he calls it, each city’s musical thumbprint really is. With a love for the genre in mind, those gospel 45s were a driving force for wanting to write and record one of his own. “I gravitate towards the ones that take their cues from sweet soul, with close mic’d drums and vocals, rather than the roomy-sounding live congregational recordings,” he states of his personal preferences. He continues to elaborate, “The rawer, the better. I’m a sucker for records where the bass or guitar is way out of tune. It gives me the feeling as a listener that I’m hearing a personal expression of faith, rather than something with lofty ambitions or pretensions.”
The inaugural release came out on October 20 under the name the Flying Stars Of Brooklyn, NY. It follows the naming convention of so many gospel groups from the ’60s onward to combine an extravagant adjective, a celestial body, and a name of a town or region to differentiate it from a potential similarly named group from another part of the country. Furthermore, he states, “the localization shows pride for the community you’re a part of. Brooklyn, of course, has an incredible legacy with gospel music, and I’m just trying to do right by that history.”

2017 - Colemine
Posted: 13th February 2019
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