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Custard Pie
by Led Zeppelin

The opening track from 'Physical Graffiti', a pivotal album in my life.

I was a massive Zepp fan during my early teens. Had a paper round & kept a portable cassette player in my bag and blasted out plenty of Zepp (with a liberal sprinkling of Uriah Heep, Yes and er, Emerson, Lake & Palmer). I spent all my wages feeding batteries into the blummin' thing!
In 1975 when it was announced that the band would be playing some shows at Earls Court Arena in London some school pals & I sent off for tickets in the vain hope that we'd get some.
Well we only frikkin' well DID!!
I can vividly remember us sitting in the park during lunch hour staring at the tickets and laughing, we just couldn't believe it.
On Sunday May 25th 1975 we made our way to London and queued outside the venue full of excitement, and that's where the excitement ended really.
We had the worst seats imaginable, high up in the gallery, adjacent to the stage staring down at lighting rigs & suspended speakers. When the band came on we basically saw the back of John Paul Jone's head when he was at his keyboards & the exotic embroidery on Jimmy Page's loon pants whenever he came to the front of the stage!
I won't even go into the sound.
As the three hour gig came to an end we made our way towards the exit hoping to catch the last Tube train. It was then the band came on to do an encore and from where we were the sound was fantastic! “We should have been stood here all night,” I grumbled as Pagey unleashed all sorts of Aleister Crowley induced demons during the guitar solo on ‘Heartbreaker’.
Anyway, we missed the Tube and I have to be honest and say that the walk back from Earls Court to St Pancras Station with no map & no money in the early hours in mid 1970’s London was far more exciting than the gig!
The following month aged 16 I left home for good so Physical Graffiti was a kind of full stop on that part of my life.
The following year Punk would vomit over everything that had gone before it, but that's another story...
1975 - Swan Song - United Kingdom - Track One from the album 'Physical Graffiti'
Posted: 26th March 2019
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