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Wild One
by Thin Lizzy
My final choice for #5BandsOnlyForTheRestOfYourLife

I'm a bit of a twin guitar tart. Wishbone Ash, Maiden, Allman Brothers, SlipKnot (!!!) etc, I've lapped 'em up, but head & shoulders above are Thin Lizzy. Not just for the Les Paul guitar duetting as featured here but also the lyrics and fine voice of Mr Phil Lynott.

No one at GJ could REALLY pick 5 bands only for the rest of their lives could they? I certainly couldn't.
The reason I've chosen the 5 I have is that they've been consistently played over the course of my life when others have come & gone. I've got another 50 as back up just in case!

I've really enjoyed hearing other peoples choices & I hope you've enjoyed mine.
Thanks @ChrissyB !
1975 - Vertigo - Ireland - Taken from the album 'Fighting'
Posted: 26th August 2017
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