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by Wild Nothing
A great band I recently discovered by accident via YouTube.
I get most of my new music through you folks here at GJ, so my question to you is...where do you find this stuff?
Back in the day it was easy. Every week I would buy the music papers 'Sounds' or 'NME' (and if I was really flush 'Melody Maker', 'Disc', 'Record Mirror'...the whole shebang!). Twenty ciggies and a lot of reading later I'd made a note of any particular 'Singles of the Week' or 4 or 5 star album recommendations that I'd then search out at the record shops the following Saturday. There was also whatever I picked from The John Peel Show on radio although he played a lot of obscure stuff so I had to source that mail order, (I did a LOT of mail order!).
The internet has supposedly made finding new music so much easier but because there's so much of it, and so many different places to find it where do you start?
I've been online since Tim Berners-Lee was a nipper but when it comes to the music side I'm a bit of a novice.

I've seen that 'Wild Nothing' have been posted quite a bit here and I've totally missed 'em. I obviously wasn't paying attention.
2012 - Captured Tracks - United States - From the album 'Nocturne'
Posted: 22nd July 2019
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