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"Baby Milk Snatcher"
by A.R.Kane

Could this song be the one and only cross-over genre of "Dub-Shoegaze"??

SO MUCH PROMISE in the beginning for A.R.Kane......So what happened?

In 1987, the duo that made A.R.Kane ( Alex Ayuli & Rudy Tambala ) released their first critically acclaimed EP, before teaming up with fellow 4AD band-mates, 'Coulourbox' under the name, "M/A/R/R/S, to release a massive number one smash hit in many countries called "Pump up the volume" , one of the earliest hit records of the emerging acid-house scene.

A.R.Kane then moved to Rough Trade to release a 2nd EP that also wowed the critics ( called "Up! Home") before their first LP named "69" appeared.
This was a deeply intense & impressionistic work that included this song here.

At this point, there wasn't anything I thought A.R. Kane couldn't do.
......but sadly, they sank .....and sank into obscurity.

but I won't forget their inventiveness that briefly shone so brightly from 1987 to 1989

1988 - Rough Trade
Posted: 9th February 2019
David Carter
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